Pilates Malibu

The Pilates program at Malibu Health Club is designed and instructed by Pilates instructor Diana Nicholson. Diana trained under Master Teacher, Marie Jose Blom Lawrence at Long Beach Dance and Conditioning.
Continuing her education in the healing arts…  she’s a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, certified as a “Health Coach” from one of the most respected institutions of it’s kind. Her precise concentrated Pilates program offers deep core strengthening, which will navigate you through a repertoire of exercises, biomechanically correct, finding your weak links and strengthening all the muscles around the movable joints in balance.

Pilates true value lies in its anti-aging and performance enhancement abilities. Integrating Pilates into your every day life will make you strong yet flexible, and you will feel more comfortable in your body.

“The active pursuit is unimpeded, uninhibited flow of the Integrated Spirit, Soul, Body and Mind.”

Benefits of Pilates

Develops long lean muscle
Dramatically improves posture and flexibility
Focuses on strengthening lower back, abdomen & all around core
What is Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement.

Pilates is one of the most popular exercise systems in the country.

One of the best things about the Pilates method is that it works so well for a wide range of people. Athletes and dancers love it, as do seniors, women rebounding from pregnancy, and people who are at various stages of physical rehabilitation.

Core Strength

Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. When the core muscles are strong and doing their job, as they are trained to do in Pilates, they work in tandem with the more superficial muscles of the trunk to support the spine and movement.

As you develop your core strength you develop stability throughout your entire torso. This is one of the ways Pilates helps people overcome back pain. As the trunk is properly stabilized, pressure on the back is relieved and the body is able to move freely and efficiently.

6 Principles of Pilates

CenteringControlFlowBreathPrecision, and Concentration:
These six Pilates principles are essential ingredients in a high quality Pilates workout.

The Pilates method has always emphasized quality over quantity, and you will find that, unlike many systems of exercise, Pilates exercises do not include a lot of repetitions for each move. Instead, doing each exercise fully, with precision, yields significant results in a shorter time than one would ever imagine.
Read The Six Pilates Principles for more on these important philosophical foundations of Pilates.



Just What Can Pilates Do For You?

What sets Pilates apart is its focus on toning the muscles…

Pilates at Malibu Health Club

Group Training Schedule

All Training Sessions are by Appointment Only
24 Hour Prior Reservation Required

Monday 9am 10pm 12pm 4pm
Tuesday 9am 12pm 5pm
Wednesday 9am 11am 12pm 4pm
Thursday 9am 10am 5pm
Friday 11am 12pm 5pm
Saturday 10am
Sunday 10am

*All 11am classes are advanced core

*All 12pm, 4pm and 5pm classes are jumpboard cardio (with weights)

Other times are available for Private Sessions

All Rates Are Per Session

2 or more people 1 on 1
Members 40 – Non Members 45
Members 100 – Non Members 110
Members 38 – Non Members 43
Members 95 – Non Members 105
Members 35 – Non Members 40
Members 90 – Non Members 100