Phil Garcia

Phil Garcia Boxing at Malibu Health Club 310 456 7721

For former boxer Phil Garcia, exercise means being in fighting form. The Santa Monica native has a professional background and was even Muhammad Ali’s personal masseur. He spent about twenty years in the ring and has been training others almost as long. Starting out, the moves came easily. “It was in my nature to fight,” he said. “I had that anger. You blow off steam when you punch something. You blow off a lot of things.” Boxing not only got him into shape and improved his outlook; it also helped him shed a massive amount of unwanted weight. Garcia punched off one hundred fifty pounds and what’s more – he’s managed to keep it off. Today, he shares the benefits of boxing with others. He also enjoys working out with his thirty-eight-year old son who’s become his favorite sparring partner. “It’s all rhythm and timing,” he said. “It’s one hundred percent work out and you will feel it from the toes on up.” His client base includes everyone from macho guys to Malibu moms and even children. “Ladies catch on real fast,” he said. “They love it.” As for kids, “It makes them feel good, it gives them confidence, even their grades start to change.” But whether you aim to blow off steam, lose pounds or build a welterweight physique, Garcia’s punchy routine will leave you feeling like a total knockout.

Malibu Health Club 310 456 7721