Diana Nicholson

Diana Nicholson Pilates at Malibu Health Club 310 456 7721

Born in New York, Pilates trainer Diana Nicholson has been getting Malibu bodies into shape for eight years. She stresses getting in tune with your body. “Your body is where we live,” she said. “You want to optimize it.” According to this expert, the place to start is with Pilates, which pushes and pulls your body into shape. It uses resistance to create what Nicholson calls “body harmony.” Nicholson became interested in Pilates after having a baby and looking for a way to get her body to bounce back. She liked it so much, she decided to become a certified teacher. A familiar face at Malibu Health Club, she now teaches some of the gym’s most popular classes. Pilates may have landed on the mainstream map thanks to high profile fitness buffs like Madonna, but the practice has actually been around for decades. A German gymnast named Joseph Pilates came up with the idea after World War I. It helped rehabilitate injured soldiers by strengthening and stabilizing key muscles.