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For Malibu trainer Betsy Smith, the secret to success is easy-get moving no matter what. The athletic blonde with Linda Hamilton-like deltoids has been guiding Malibu workouts for seventeen years. Smith’s goal is to win over the exercise averse by making physical fitness fun. “It has to become something you want to do,” she said. “It has to be a habit and a desire.” Everyone wants to beat the bulge, but what’s the best way to get started? “When someone is totally out of shape, I give them lots of encouragement. We start with baby steps and a goal. I stress that everyday activities will become easier and more enjoyable as you become fitter.” Smith is a runner with a background in field and track. She also attended classes at UCLA where she learned about the science of physical fitness and was certified in athletic training. To maintain her well-toned physique she does weight training combined with aerobic activity. With weekly classes at the Malibu Health Club, it’s easy to get in regular workouts. Smith says light aerobic exercises are a great way to get started. When it comes to motivation, she said just take the plunge. “Five to ten minutes into any exercise program will change your attitude. You’ll stick with it and be happy you did.”